Self-supporting insulated (SIP) cables

Self-supporting insulated (SIP) wires are intended for electric power transmission in overhead power lines and branches to inputs to residential buildings and outbuildings, rated for AC voltage 0.66 / 1 kV with a rated frequency of 50Hz. Wires self-supporting SIP are durable, capable of uninterrupted operation even in aggressive climatic and chemical conditions, they presume the possibility of mounting without disconnecting the line, high strength to mechanical damage, which is their essential technical advantages. The components of the wire and the cabling of the SIP wire can be presented in 4 parts. The conductor core is made of aluminum, it has a round shape, in the cross section of the wire - 16 - 150 sq. M. Bearing zero vein is formed from twisted round wires (multiwire), compacted, uninsulated, round shape. The material for its manufacture is aluminum alloy. Insulation of the core in the wires of SIP is made of thermoplastic light-stabilized cross-linked polyethylene. Twisting is a twisted conductive isolated veins around the zero carrier