Self-supporting insulated (SIP) cables



Self-supporting wires
Isolated and protected for overhead power lines

Applies to:

For HVL, the nominal voltage of 10-35 kV in air of types II and III according to GOST 15150, including on the coasts of seas, saline lakes, in industrial areas and areas of saline sands.


-1. Aluminium alloy
-2. Isolation from silanol-crosslinked PE

Characteristics: CIP 3
1. Rated voltage -20 kV, 35 kV.
2. Ambient temperature during cable operation from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C.
3. Relative air humidity up to 98% at a temperature of 35 ° C.
4. The minimum temperature of cable laying without preheating is 20 ° С.
5. The long-term permissible operating temperature of the conductors is 70 ° С
6. The maximum allowable temperature of heating the cores of the cable in emergency mode 130 ° С
7. The maximum temperature of heating the cores at a short-circuit of 250 ° C
8. The minimum permissible bending radius when laying 10 diameters of the wire
9. Service life is not less than 30 years.
Cable structure:

1. A vein from an aluminum alloy.
2. Insulation from light-stabilized silanol-cross-linked polyethylene.