The main activity of "Kabel Tech" LLC is the production of cable-carrying products, namely: Power cables with XLPE insulation for voltage up to 35 kV, with copper or aluminum conductor cross-section up to 1000 mm, control cables, installation, mounting, flexible wires and copper wire rod. And also self-supporting insulated wires for overhead power lines and high-quality fiber-optic cables that meet world standards of quality. All manufactured products have certificates of conformity of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation.

"Kabel Tech" LLC has a fleet of modern drawing, torsion, insulating and other types of equipment. The total area occupied by the enterprise is 7.2 hectares. This is the territory of direct production works, where the cable-conductor products are manufactured. The trading house of the enterprise, for convenience of consumers, is located in the center of the city. The total number of employees at the enterprise is 400 people. According to the acquisition and launch of new equipment, the company recruits experienced cable production specialists.

Great attention is paid to training the personnel and retaining experienced specialists in the staff of the company to provide products and services that contribute profoundly to the development of customer business and the constant striving for high quality products through the introduction of the international standard of the quality management system ISO9001:2015.

All these efforts are transformed into a personalized business profile that distinguishes "Kabel Tech" LLC from its competitors. The company acquired the latest production technologies, implemented the best ISO certificates and formed a young, qualified, motivated and dynamic team.

The technical services of the "Kabel Tech" LLC strive for continuous improvement of technological processes and development of new technologies. To meet the growing demand of consumers and the saturation of the market, the company extends the range of products, develops new materials and designs, provides the best solutions and personalized services to customers, by doing this company strives to exceed expectations of its customers.

The enterprise is a full member of the International Association "Intercable". The purpose of the enterprise is the development of production of new high-tech brands of cables that are not produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, but which have an increasing demand.