Laboratory – "Kabel Tech" LLC has its own unique accredited laboratory for testing which allows to constantly monitor the stability of the technological process, evaluate the effectiveness of changes made to the design, perform quality control, develop and bring to perfection the new cable design.

In addition to testing finished products and prototypes, studies are being carried out to improve the performance characteristics of the cable, and to search for unrecorded factors that affect the quality of the cable. All test methods and programs for their implementation are based on the current regulatory and technical documentation, GOSTs and recommendations of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). Due to this, the buyer can be assured of the impeccable quality of the purchased products.

Mechanical and Climatic Testing of Samples:

Type of Impact

Rated value

Criteria for evaluation

Tensile force

(GOST R IEC 794-1-93 method E1)

4 кН


Crushing force (GOST R IEC 794-1-93 method E3)

0,3 кН/см

-                                     - Yes * <0.05 dB

-                                      - no damage

Anatomical bends

(GOST R IEC 794-1-93 method E6)

20 cycles per angle ± 90 °

Axial twisting

(GOST R IEC 794-1-93 method E7)

-10 cycles

- at an angle of ± 3600 at a length of 4 m


Impact (GOST R IEC 794-1-93 method E4)

Impact energy 5 J


Water Resistance

(IEC 60794-1-2 para.25 method F5B)

sample length 3 m time: 24 hours

Absence of water at the end of the segment

Climatic impacts

Resistance to high and low temperatures

(GOST R IEC 794-1-93 method F1)

-              - temperature range from minus 60 ° C to 70 ° C

-              - 2 cycles

-              - cycle time> 16 hours

Yes <0.05 dB / km

Dropping of a hydrophobic compound (IEC 60794-1-2 method E14)

at 70 ° C

No drop fall