Self-supporting insulated (SIP) cables



Self-supporting wires
Isolated and protected for overhead power lines

Applies to:

For highways and linear branches from overhead lines in the atmosphere of air types II and III in accordance with GOST 15150, including on the coasts of seas, saline lakes, in industrial areas and areas of saline sands.


-1. Aluminum compacted core
-2. Isolation from silanol-crosslinked PE

Characteristics: CIP 4
1. Rated voltage - up to 0,6 / 1 kV.
2. Ambient temperature during cable operation from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C.
3. Relative air humidity up to 98% at a temperature of 35 ° C.
4. The minimum temperature of cable laying without preheating is 20 ° С.
5. The long-term permissible operating temperature of the conductors90 ° С
6. The maximum allowable temperature of heating the cores of the cable in emergency mode 130 ° С
7. The maximum temperature of heating the cores at a short-circuit of 250 ° C
8. The minimum permissible bending radius when laying 10 diameters of the wire
9. Service life is not less than 30 years.

Cable structure:

1. Stranded, sealed aluminum conductor. 16-240 mm2.
2. Insulation from light-stabilized silanol-cross-linked polyethylene.