Control cables

Control cable with copper or aluminum conductors, with rubber or plastic insulation, in a rubber or plovinyl chloride shell, with or without protective covers, intended for fixed connection to electrical appliances, apparatus, clamp assemblies of electrical switchgears with a rated alternating voltage up to 660 V Up to 100 Hz or with a constant voltage of up to 1000V. Control cables are necessary for: -transmission of control signals, is used in the remote control system, and when laying in the ground (trenches) in an aggressive environment; -cables intended for fixed connection to electrical appliances; -control cable for laying in rooms, channels, tunnels. Cables control can be laid both in an enclosed space and in the open air. In this case, an obligatory condition is to ensure their protection against damage and exposure to direct light rays. The maximum permissible temperature should not exceed 65 ° on veins with PE insulation, and with insulation from PVC - 70 ° C.