Cords and wires

PPBN Wires for household use


Applies to:

Wires are used for fixed laying in lighting networks, as well as they are intended for various works on repair, laying, installation and operation of electric network lines.


-1. Insulation

-2. Conductor, copper

1. There should be no breaks in the conductor in the wire.
2. The electrical resistance of conductors to direct current, listed at 1 km length and temperature 20 ° C, for wires with a diameter of: 0.5 mm - 95.9 Ohm; 0,9 mm-28,8 Ohm; 1.0 mm-23.3 Ohm; 1,2 mm - 15,950 m.
3. Peak test voltage of 5.0kV.
4. The test voltage applied between the cores is -1500 V.
5. Electrical conductor insulation resistance, listed for 1 km length and temperature 20 ° C:
        polyethylene -1000 kOhm;
        polyvinyl chloride - 80 kOhm.
6. The construction length of the wires must be at least 5 meters.
Wire structure:
1. Insulation made of polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene.
2. The conductor is copper.
- Nominal cross-section of conductors - 1,5 - 4,0 mm2.